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Is there a skills shortage or are companies just not paying enough?

I am looking forward to joining an amazing lineup for this month's Leadership WarRoom hosted by Antonio Giugno and Kevin Childs The session is bringing together the industries brightest minds yet again to discuss the topics on everyone's minds. This session on the 30th at 1 pm is all about the Labour Market.

Is there a skill shortage or are companies just not paying enough? The panel consists of these amazing people: Olivia Spruce - CEO of Positive Healthcare Paul Maxin - Founding Director of MAX INTALENT Max Ryerson - CEO & Chief Digital Strategist of StratForce Group Cheryl Tyas - CEO & Founder of Qwirk Steven Bianchi - Company Director of Beamery Robert Dagge - DEI and HR Analytics of Kinverse Ben Phillips - CEO & Founder of blp101 consulting David Stone - CEO of MRL Consulting Group Gurinder Khera - Chief Marketing Officer of Bestone Industries Pvt. Ltd. (BIPL) Ali Wallace - Founder & Director of DNA Recruit James - Mayes - Co-Founder & CEO of Mind the Product

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