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EYE Views: How will the ad tech industry outmanoeuvre Apple’s deprecation of its IDFA?

Emerging from the dark of the pandemic, the advertising industry must now face up to the reality of restrictions that will limit how brands reach the right consumer – a ‘digital lockdown’ if you like.

Apple’s IDFA rethink will present many marketers with an additional headache to the one caused by Google’s third-party cookie hammer blow.

But marketers are an ever-inventive and ultimately optimistic bunch. Many recognise that the current brouhaha flags the risk of a silo-ed approach (such as focusing solely on mobile) and promotes the growing stature and capabilities of multi-channel advertising, which mirrors the user journey.

Consumers don’t live single-channel lives; rather people are influenced by digital ads, audio ads, TV ads, out-of-home (OOH) ads, etc…

Although Apple’s initial announcement seemed sudden to many, various players, taking GDPR as a warning about changing attitudes to consumer data, were prepped.

Thanks to this foresight, the impact will not be so finite. Brands and agencies that choose to work with platforms such as TabMo’s Hawk collect multiple data points that are generated from disparate media channels but available in one place.

Advertisers previously focused on where their ad had been seen; now it’s about getting that ad to consumers for whom it will be relevant.

Ben Phillips| Non-executive director| Tabmo

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